First-Aid Certification Test

Welcome to FIRST-AID Test

1) You need to only move a victim with a suspected spinal or neck injury when.

2) You don‟t have to wear gloves when providing care to a bleeding person because it is unlikely that he or she is carrying BBP (blood-borne pathogens).

3) It is vital to find out the specific injury or illness of a victim before you offer the first aid.

4) To lessen pain and swelling, apply a hot pack to a suspected sprain, bruise or fracture.

5) A first aid responder can easily recognize a concussion.

6) When providing care to a victim with an impaled object, you need to:

7) It is necessary to capture the snake to recognize it after snakebite.

8) Call a poison control center when you suspect poisoning and:

9) Quickly remove a tick by pulling it out from the skin.

10) If a victim has heatstroke symptoms, you need to: