CPR / AED Certification Test

Welcome to CPR / AED Test

1) If you are performing CPR on a child and their chest does not rise with the first breath, what should you do?

2.) What is the proper hand position when performing chest compressions on a 6 year old?

3.) You are babysitting an 8 month old child who is crawling on the floor when they suddenly starts coughing and gagging. What should you do?

4.) What is the first link in the adult “chain of survival”?

5.) While in a store you see someone suddenly collapse. The victim is a middle-aged woman who is not responding, unconscious, and gasping occasionally. What is the most likely cause and appropriate treatment?

6.) While performing CPR your chest compressions should be:

7.) Signs and symptoms of a heart attack include:

8. Which of the following is not a specific link in the Cardiac Chain of Survival?

9.) Another name for a heart attack is:

10.) You see an older man collapse. You perform an initial assessment and find the man has no movement or breathing. You begin CPR. How many chest compressions and rescue breaths do you perform in each cycle?